Adequately turning 40


On June 13 this year I’ll be entering the second half of my life – under pre-Covid circumstances I’d probably throwing some big party and gosh how am I missing having friends around me in person. While thinking about alternatives to fill this day with a bit more purpose, I just came up with the idea to do some fundraising – I’ve been living a very fortunate life so far and it’s time to start giving back.

The idea: 40 / 40 / 40

I am an athlete.

On my 40th birthday, I’ll be cycling 40km and running 40km, doing 8 alternating 10km loops around the center of Ottawa. I’m asking local friends and fellow athletes to join* me and I will personally be donating $1 for each accumulated kilometer** done together.

In addition, I encourage everyone who will be joining or anyone who’d like to support to donate via my GoFundMe page: DONATE HERE NOW and please share!

The Causes

All money raised (my own contribution plus any of your additional donations) will be evenly split between two causes: The Ottawa Bicycling Club Youth Development Program and Ottawa’s Shepherds of Good Hope.

OBC Youth Development Program

Ottawa is such a great city for outdoor activities, especially cycling. Ottawa Bicycling Club is doing their part to keep it this way and I’d like to support the Youth Development Program in particular, run by my former triathlon coach and friend Alan Dempsey – thanks for helping me become an Ironman, I hope I can help you creating the best youth cycling program in the world!

Shepherds of Good Hope

Ottawa is also a city with harsh conditions for homeless people and humans in desperate need. Long, cold winters, humid and hot summers, and housing prices that are just not normal anymore. The Shepherds of Good Hope is one of plenty organizations here that support the less fortunate part of our local communities.


The set-up on June 13, 2021

The course

I will do alternating cycling and running loops of 10km in central Ottawa, starting each loop at a preset time (schedule see below). Start and finish for each loop will be at Lansdowne Park.

Running loop: Start at Lansdowne Park, following Rideau Canal to Dow’s Lake all the way to the locks, crossing over to Rideau River and turning back North-West through Old Ottawa South, crossing the canal over the pedestrian bridge and returning to Lansdowne.
[link to running map]
Cycling loop: Start at Lansdowne Park, following Rideau Canal do Dow’s Lake, taking the Trillium Pathway all the way up to Ottawa River. Then turning East, following the River Pathway all the way to the locks, and taking the Canal path back to Lansdowne.
[link to cycling map]

Schedule and meeting point

Whoever wants to join for one or more loops, just meet me on Sunday, June 13 at the starting times mentioned below or on the pictures and the meeting point is the Share The Flame Monument in Lansdowne Park (between the basketball court and Queen Elisabeth Driveway.

09:00 AM: Start 10km running

10:15 AM: Start 12km cycling

11:00 AM: Start 10km running

12:15 PM: Start 12km cycling


01:00 PM – 02:00 PM: Break


02:00 PM: Start 10km running

03:15 PM: Start 12km cycling

04:00 PM: Start 10km running

05:15 PM: Start 12km cycling



What’s the pace going to be?

Since I’ll do 4 loops in each discipline, I try to pace myself very conservatively. I aim to do each 10k run loop in around one hour, also depending on who’s joining. I see the alternating cycling loops as a recovery exercise to shake out my legs and refuel. Using mainly shared paths on a Sunday, it’s going to be pretty busy anyways.

Run: 5:30min/km to 6:00min/km
Bike: 20km/h to 25km/h

Where is the starting and finish line for each loop?

We’ll start and finish in Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, at the ‘Share The Flame Monument’ – this is located close to the basketball court, and near Queen Elizabeth Drive. Here’s the Google Maps link.

10km of running is too much for me. Can I just join for a shorter distance?

Absolutely! Join for whatever distance feels comfortable and manageable to you.

What to do with the bike during the runs?

I will simply lock my bike with two good locks to a bike stand. I won’t use my road bike, but a less valued MTB instead.

Will there be a base camp?

The first run and bike loop (9:00am to 11:0am) I’ll most likely be doing self-sufficiently (camel bag with water and calories). Starting from 11 most likely my wife will join and we’ll set up a small base camp close to the start and finish point in Lansdowne Park.

How do you refuel?

I’ll mostly rely on water mixed with Tailwind powder which I’ll be carrying on my back. Probably some bananas in between, and lunch during the break (the Sunday Farmers’ Market at Lansdowne has some great options).

Do I have to register?

No. This is a very low-key, non-professional, non-competitive event that I just do for fun for my 40th birthday and hopefully to raise some donations for two good causes. If you want to join, just meet me at the starting point mentioned above at any of the starting times mentioned above. If you don’t know me, I will be wearing a yellow base cap and have a blue hydration pack on my back. Just say hello and let me know that you wanna join 🙂

What if I want to support but don’t have time?

You can always support by providing a donation of any size here: Donate now

Do I have to donate if I want to join?

Of course not! Although this would be very kind if you did.

Can I donate other than vie the GoFundMe link?

Yes, definitely. You can either transfer your donation to my bank account or via PayPal (ask me for details) or even donate cash if you prefer. I will add the funds manually to the donation account.

Can I join remotely, too?

Most definitely! Just let me know that you’ll join remotely (by running or cycling your own 10k loop, ideally at one of the given starting times on Sunday), take a picture of yourself, share your Strava event with me if available, and I’ll commit to donate $1 for each kilometer you did.

Will you stream this online?

No, I won’t have a live stream running. I will post updates on Instagram during my breaks if I find the time and energy 🙂 So make sure to follow me!

For more details or additional questions, please contact me via email (followfichte at gmail dot com) or via Instagram.

*Due to Covid restrictions, we’re only allowed to gather in groups of 10 persons max. In case more than 10 runners or cyclists will show up at any given starting time, we’ll break up in even groups of 10 persons maximum.

**I’ll cap my personal contributions at $1000


  1. This is a great idea to give back and donate to good causes. Way to go and happy early birthday!

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