That’s me.

Hi, I am Ludwig.

A marathoner, ultra-runner and long-course triathlete, trying to race in Kona/Hawaii.

Several years ago I decided to take the joy and challenges of triathlon training to eventually one day finish one of these legendary Ironman races on Big Island, Hawaii.  This blog is about my way to get there. 

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An emigrant-to be, who’ll leave his home country for a life in Canada.

Due to an unexpected job offer a couple years ago, I took the opportunity to emigrate to Canada. This blog is telling the story about this decision, my preparation, relocation as well as getting to know and living in a new country.

A business traveler, exploring the world for my job.

For the past 15 years I’ve been working in a job which allowed me to regularly travel the world and explore our globe.

A psychologist and user experience researcher, trying to understand human beings in front of machines.

Early during my studies I made the decision that I’d want to be working within the field of User Experience – and ever since my work as a Psychologist within a pure IT environment has been an exciting task.